Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ryann Marostica Needs to Grow Up

                                                              (Ryann is in the middle)
                                                  (Ryann with her ex-husband)
Welcome visitors--let me tell you a tale of a hypocrite who owes us money...  Her name is Ryann Marostica--maiden name is possibly Ryann Allison.  She lived in Colorado, then after a divorce, moved to Utah and needed a place to live.  She checked out our apartment which became too small after we had twins and decided to take it.  We filled out the paperwork with the James Pointe apartment jerks in Murray, UT (their dastardly tale will soon be told) and she was put on the lease.  With about a month to go before the end of the lease, my wife starting calling Ryann to see if she was going to reup the lease on her own, move out or what.  When she never responded, we became suspicious and called James Pointe.  Sure enough, she had skipped town without paying for the last month's rent.  Slight tangent--James Pointe (after adding 2 months to our lease without our consent) never alerted us to this fact but, in such a nice gesture, held us financially responsible.  Not just for the rent but for cleaning fees, taking out the garbage ($25--thanks to both Ryann and James Pointe for making that possible), not returning keys and so on.  Final total: $870.  Thanks a lot, Ryann, we appreciated that assault on our wallet. The greatest part was when she was first looking at our apartment, she told us the sob story of how her ex-husband didn't pay bills and her stuff was repossessed.  On her MySpace blog, she whines about how two-faced people and liars annoy her.  Can you sense the hypocrisy just dripping from her mouth like the sauce on the McRib commercials--obvious, everywhere and equally disgusting?  We have tried to contact her but, of course, she refuses to talk to us.  We are working on taking her court but it's rough because we have no idea where she is.  Very nice, adult behavior from a mother of a couple kids (great example you're setting for them).  So, visitors, this is where you come in...

Regiment:  Make Ryann Marostica Be an Adult
Enlistment: right now until she grows up
Platoon Duties: text her (801-842-8515) and tell her to pay up
visit her MySpace page and leave comments (Ryann's MySpace)
text her from the White Pages listing (Ryann's White Pages listing)
go to her blog and leave comments (Ryann's blog)
go to her FB (you can poke her and friend request only...)--Ryann's FB

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